Cheap Hotels in Downtown Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn New York is a tourist’s haven. This is an interesting destination, and its different kind of energy makes it an alluring place for those people who dream big. If you are on the lookout for cheap hotels in NYC, there are plenty of very budget friendly accommodations to choose from. One of the best NYC cheap hotels is Kings Hotel. Situated in Sunset Park, this is a highly recommended hotel for those who want to be able to save some bucks on their stay in NYC. Restaurants surround the area. There is a McDonald’s and a Burger King nearby, as well a pizza place, which is great for those who love comfort foods. There’s a Karaoke Bar on site, a great plus for guests who love to sing and have fun with friends over some songs. This hotel is also known for its complimentary breakfast, which is perfect to start the day with some fuel.

Discount Hotels in Downtown Brooklyn NYC

There are a variety of rooms to choose from. There’s a Deluxe with two double beds, ideal for a small group. The beds are well made, while the room is decorated using relaxing colors. There’s an internet connection inside the rooms, so guests can browse online anytime they want to. There’s also a Deluxe Room with a Queen sized bed for those who’d like a more spacious bed to sleep on. The living spaces are clean and well maintained. A work desk is also inside. There’s also an LCD television and a phone. The bathroom is clean and features both a shower and a marble tub. Guests can enjoy a warm bath any time of the day. Toiletries are here as well, so you basically need not worry about anything. This is among the best Downtown Brooklyn NYC cheap hotels when it comes to cleanliness and accommodations. The very friendly staffs are there to help you with any concern, so service is very good too.

Guests can relax and spend some time at the lounge/Karaoke Bar. There’s no better way to relieve stress than singing. At the KTV bar, you can sing along with your favorite songs while enjoying your favorite refreshments. This is a great place to bond with friends and spend some time during a lazy evening. Comfortable sitting areas are there so everyone can just sing to their heart’s content. Kings Hotel offer really great discounts too from time to time, so be sure to check them out. The lobby features cushy chairs, which are also additional areas where guests can relax.

The train station is just nearby, and the hotel is strategically located so you can explore New York after a nice breakfast that consists of fresh fruits, cereals, bread, and some hot coffee. There’s a Chinese grocery nearby, as well as a Spanish restaurant for those who fancy Spanish cuisine. As one of the best NYC cheap hotels, this is very near tourist’s favorite places such as the Statue of Liberty. Overall, this is a budget friendly hotel perfect for the tourist who love bargain accommodations.

Kings Hotel is considered to be among the best NYC cheap hotels. Located in Brooklyn Downtown , this allows guests to have a huge chunk of the city without having to travel far and spend a lot of money. Quality accommodations that feature spacious and comfortable beds are available. There are rooms available for the lone traveler as well as rooms for groups or a small family. Kings Hotel serves breakfast daily and is also very near dining places like Burger King and Domino’s Pizza. Clean baths and modern facilities like an internet access are also among its features. The hotel also boasts its own KTV bar for some fun leisure time.

Hotels in Downtown Brooklyn NYC  Cheap: The Bowery House

They say cheap hotels in NYC can be very hard to find. Well, that’s not necessarily true. While New York hotels have the reputation for being pricey, there are actually more affordable accommodations within the city. You just need to find them. If it is a challenge to find more affordable hotels in NYC cheap hostels are your best bet. The Bowery House is a quality yet reasonably priced accommodation you can check. This complex in 220 Bowery will give you a satisfactory place to stay without breaking your budget.

Most budget hotels in NYC cheap as they may be, have a reputation for being unclean and poorly maintained. The Bowery House is not one of those hotels. In fact, this can be a charming home away from home, if you are just looking for something simple while in New York, say for a business trip or a short vacation. The neighborhood has a lot of things going on. It has plenty of cafes, restaurants, and shop, so everything you need is just within reach. The New Museum of Contemporary Art is just within the vicinity, as well as the Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral. There’s a bakery nearby and plenty of establishments to visit as well.

The Bowery House features an Italian Garden, so those who would like to have a bit of quiet time can do so, at the roof. The place is secure and is well maintained, to ensure that your stay will be as comfortable as possible. There’s also a private living room, where one can relax or read some newspaper. For those who need internet connection, there’s a Wi-Fi on site as well.
Their Full Cabin is good enough for two people and features a clean comfortable bed, where guests can relax and have a great sleep. The Prince Room is done and red and is great for the lone traveler who wants to be able to enjoy a cozy place to stay. There are also bunks that accommodate more guests. Views of the city are visible from the giant windows, which is good. The baths are shared in this place and features top of the line facilities to make bath time comfortable.

The food here is great and is prepared by an Italian chef. Guests will be able to enjoy home-cooked style meals with a touch of gourmet. Breakfast is filling and delicious—with plenty of fresh bread, eggs, hams, and cheeses. There are also a variety of pasta dishes, pizzas, and pastries as well. Their risotto is top notch, as well as their salmon. Mouthwatering desserts are also featured here, so those who are craving for some sweets will enjoy as well. The warm ambience of the bar makes it a great place to unwind as well. Have your favorite drink here, while enjoying great surroundings.

Hotels in Downtown Brooklyn cheap like The Bowery House, allow you to enjoy the best of New York without ripping your budget. Book your stay today and have quality accommodations that are affordable and will certainly make you feel right at home.

The Bowery House is a charming home away from home in NYC. Strategically located, it is within the vicinity of important landmarks like the Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the New Museum of Contemporary Art. With a very refreshing roof-top Italian Garden, The Bowery House is a relaxing haven at the middle the very busy New York City. With a Wi-Fi connection on site, as well as comfortable rooms, you can be sure that your stay in Brooklyn Downtown NYC will not cause you to break your budget. The Bowery House is located in 220 Bowery and has its own restaurant that is famous for its hearty gourmet meals.