Beach Front Vacation Homes Offer Costly Refuge

There is something quite relaxing about spending time in beach front vacation homes, even if only for a short time. The cost of beach front property as well as construction costs may put owning beach front vacation homes out of reach for many, but several owners offer their homes for rent to help pay the costs.

One of the major problems with beach front vacation homes is the amount of maintenance required due to damage by renters or the environment itself. With many of the homes sitting right on an ocean beach, damage from salt water will quickly take its toll on the structure. There is no amount of protection that can save a wood building from the ravages of the weather and in some areas prone to heavy storms, the depreciation of the home can come quickly.

Families that claim exclusive use of their beach front vacation homes, using them only partly throughout the year, will spend a great deal of time working on them at least twice during the year. At the beginning of the season they will be removing any window coverings or other protections they used to keep the house safe during the winter and in the fall will have to do it all over again.

Size And Structure Determines Maintenance Costs

Smaller houses used as beach front vacation homes can often withstand severe weather events better than larger, more elaborate homes. With little protection from the elements many larger homes succumb to wind and rain storms and in some cases, hurricanes can tear them apart. As a result, insurance costs for beach front vacation homes are also high and depending on the area, flood insurance may be priced out of reach for most owners.

Those who choose to recoup some of their investment by renting their beach front vacation homes to others during the weeks they will not be in them, usually have a property manager take care of everything from rental agreements to maintenance needs. However, occasionally the manager may make a poor choice in renters who end up partying to the detriment of nearby vacationers as well the property.

Yet, despite all the costs associated with owning beach front vacation homes there is a constant demand for new construction. People are building larger and more elaborate accommodations at higher initial costs and can charge enough for its use to pay for the construction before the time comes that it needs to be replaced.

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